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100_2460.JPG - 171kb
I love this piece. Probably not old but unique. The color is more pale green but shows up blue in the photo. It's a grazed clay basket that would be great for the base of a center piece or maybe to hold fruit on a kitchen counter. Priced at only $11.00.

100_2670.JPG - 563kb
Everyone shows interest in these vintage wall telephones. This one is unique because of the sliver housing. Priced at $52.00 has now been marked down to $40.00.

100_2671.JPG - 523kb
This dealer has a whole shelf of shell décor, but I especially like a set of well framed shell prints that are priced at just $26.00.

100_2672.JPG - 558kb
I love the character of old chairs. Here is featured an old wooden folding chair that has now been painted a newer apple green. That color has brought the piece to life. Priced at $35.00.

100_2673.JPG - 535kb
I just had to include this cute wall display. The sign says it all about the wall art of what I think are old bed springs. Think Out Side the Box sign is priced at $21.50 and the set of 3 springs is just $21.00.

100_2674.JPG - 613kb
We get many vintage kitchen scales through the store but this is a really nice example, both in shape and color. Priced at $26.00.

100_2675.JPG - 448kb
Sorry for the dark photo but here we feature what I think would make a great piece of room art. This old heavy, but not too big boat propeller would look great in a yard, on a porch, or even in a room that has a nautical theme. Priced at $69.00.

100_2676.JPG - 495kb
This is a great serving piece. In fact I used it for serving at our last Wine Walk. It is large, about 20 inches across, but light weight because it is made of metal. The enamel is very clear and makes a nice presentation. And priced at only $18.00.

100_2678.JPG - 528kb
Old frames make great wall art as view here. The unique shape has been enhanced by the white wash painting. Most any item, a pretty plate, a photo, a small shelf with a figurine, could be display within. This piece is priced at $24.00.

100_2679.JPG - 549kb
Getting hard to find and usually expense is old whicker as found here in this great child's rocking chair. Don't you just love the detail of the fan style back? Price at only $24.00.

march 2017 093.JPG - 594kb
march 2017 093
The perfect vintage dining chair is now painted white and has a new fabric seat, giving it a new more modern look. This chair would go great in lots of rooms besides just the dining room. Priced at only $45.00.


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