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This unique wicker table would make a great side table in any room or porch sitting area. The warm natural wicker color will go with any setting. Priced at $39.95.

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Sorry about the fuzzy photo but here we feature a beautiful woven chair with an off white thick cushion. Now priced at $89.95.

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This was such a great find for our dealer. An old McCoy cream and sugar set in mint condition. Now priced at only $18.00.

100_2613.JPG - 649kb
Tucked in the corner of this space the dealer has added to cute "metal art" framed mirror. It could be for a bath, little girls room, or guest bedroom. Priced at $22.95.

100_2614.JPG - 697kb
In the kids corner of the dining room the dealer has just added a, good size for small fingers, wooden abacus. Priced at $10.95.

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march 2017 085
This dealer always brings in the nicest lamps. Not old but very decorative. Here we feature a black urn shaped based occasional lamp. It is a good size and shape to add lighting in just about any room. The shade and lamp is priced at $35.95.


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