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In our front hall we are selling a beautiful set (2) of these mahogany chairs. The wood has been cleaned and the seats redone in a pretty light teal background print. They had been priced at $60.00 but now priced down to $50.00 each.

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Here we are showing off this beautiful 5 arm 10 light old brass chandelier. All cleaned, wire checked, and new candle covers. It is really just the basic fixture and has the eyeholes in the brass to add an array of crystals of your choice. Priced at only $155.00.

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This is such a sweet covered candy dish. I loved the gold details and the cherubs on the brass base. Priced at $36.00.

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Sorry about the fuzzy photo but I wanted to see this beautiful amber glass lidded biscuit jar. Priced at $28.95.

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I have a soft spot in my heart for "Chalkware" usually from the 1950"s. So much of it just didn't survive. Our shop here offers a bull dog sporting a red tam and smoking a pipe. He has a definite French flair. Priced at $15.00.


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