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This dealer has so many great 1940's/50's items. Here I have taken a photo of a Dance Contest trophy. Customer's just love this kind of stuff with a history to tell. Priced at just $9.00, perhaps you have a little dance star that could feel special with a trophy like this one.

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This is an old item that has seen much love. A 1941 dated Mother Goose story book. Priced at just $5.00.

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I grew up with a set of these glasses in our house, that got used only for special company. This dealer has a very extensive display mostly in the silver but also some of the gold leaf pattern. They are all priced individually at very reasonable prices. A must see.

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I've never seen a souvenir plate like the one in this photo. It is from Yellowstone National Park and made in the blue willow pattern. What an unique plate to add to anyone's blue willow collection of dinnerware. Priced at $14.95.

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Featured here is a large framed Florence Lindsay print of the young girl and the blue bird among the pink blossoms.

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A very pretty vintage lamp, with added lighting in the white glass base, and now with a modern shade is priced at a only $45.00.

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Featured here, and always very popular, is a doll size wicker 3 piece table and chair set. It is priced, by this dealer at $45.00.

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I haven't seen one of these in years but now we have one within our store for sale at a low $24.00. U.S.A. cooker jar, as is.


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