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What a unique find. I have never seen an egg and toast rack in one piece. Note the beautiful gold trim too. Priced at $38.95.

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This is a beautiful large copy of a famous Monet painting. Just the canvas on a wooden frame makes it so much more modern. Priced at $22.95.

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This vintage compote has a beautiful blue glass, gold trimmed highlights, and a fruit motif. The dealer dates this from the 1940's and has priced it at $25.50.

100_2605.JPG - 634kb
Pictured here is a very nice silver trinket box just waiting for your special treasures. Priced at $25.00.

100_2606.JPG - 574kb
This photo only shows the top of this beautiful and functional light grey painted iron coat rack. The bottom does sport a very nice umbrella rack. Priced at only $84.95.

100_2607.JPG - 645kb
I'm not sure why, but this table looks PINK in the photo but it is really a white painted vintage table with really interesting leg details. Priced at $68.95.

100_2608.JPG - 574kb
Everyone has been looking at this great upholstered chair and matching ottoman. It has been done in a easy to live with mid tan fabric. The set is priced at $285.00.


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