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Bookends are always a good seller in our store. Here is a very nice set of cast iron scotty dog bookends. Priced at $35.00

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I know it is hard to tell from this photo, but this is a very large plaster-cast handsome rooster. It might fit on an upper shelf, but definitely would look good on the floor in any room. Priced at $49.95

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A new dealer to our store and some great stock. Here is one of my favorite pieces in the store. What is called a Harvest Table. Two drop side and a long length makes this perfect for any family. Think of it with miss matched wooden chairs of the same period. It has been priced at $250.00.

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What a beautiful job of updating a vintage Waterfall dresser. The top and sides painted a dark teal green/blue and the drawer fronts left in their natural beauty. Originally priced at $350.00 but now marked down to just $250.00.

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As we continue with items in that newer dealers space we here have pictured for sale a bright aqua desk/entry table. The updated painting also includes newer hardware. This piece has excellent bones and I'm sure it won't last long in our store. Priced at $150.00.

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This very talented dealer also does many items with handmade cross stitch embellishments. Our customers love the items and they are selling fast. Most of the items are priced between $25 to $35.

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Here is some great reading for that young person in your life. A set of 4 volumes of Richard Scarry's Best Stories. Priced at $32.00 but now marked down to $25.00.

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It's hard to see the details of this very old wood chair in this photo, but it is exquisite. If you have been looking for an old item to complete the look in that special room in your house, this could be it. Priced at $125.00.

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This piece looks almost like real strawberries. It is a beautiful ceramic piece to hold just about anything you want in your kitchen. Priced at $29.00.

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Featured here is a Gibson Girl print that has been matted and framed. Priced at $22.50.

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For sale in this dealer's space is a very nice piece of garden iron art. A metal hanging basket in a rich green. Priced at $31.95.

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Just in time for backyard entertaining we have for sale a wine or bottle carrying basket in a pretty teal green metal with a natural metal and wood handle. Priced at $26.95.

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New to this space is a cute vintage telephone table now painted white and with a new burlap covered seat. Cute enough for any hall or entry. Priced at $74.95.

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I love the shine of mercury glass, like the three bottle set in an old looking metal carrying basket featured here that is priced at $16.95.


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