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Black and white photos or etching always make a great wall art display. Just pick a topic you like and shop for the pieces. Here we feature a forest scene that reminds us of our Northwest. Priced at $32.00.

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This dealer has several nice framed early 1900's greetings post cards. Here is a very nice example of Birthday Greetings in a cute wooden shelf with drawer wall mounting. Priced at $23.00. What a unique gift for a friend. The post card was from 1908.

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What a pretty display on our "racks for sale" wall. The single plate gold tone metal racks are priced at $14.00 each. The Limoges plates are priced at $9.95 each.

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This is one of my favorite items within the store right now. The art is an original charcoal portrait of a young child. The dress and the baby's skin just appear to glow. The baby was born to "quality" folks. As told by the quality of the chair and back ground. The dealer has had the art nicely matted and framed and ready for display in your home. Priced at $159.95.

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Also found among the art on the walls going to the upper rooms is a very different original, either pen and ink or charcoal piece, that I call "the man with newspaper." I love the way he is just off center. The dealer has had the item matted and framed. Priced at $44.00.


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